Rob May

  • 5 Best Aftermarket Car Products

    Not everyone is happy with their car straight off the lot. While the color may be perfect and the features just what you want, something is missing. That’s where aftermarket car products come in, allowing every car owner to customize their vehicle just the way they like it. Today, you have more options than ever […]

  • The Safety and Security of Online Faxing

    The telephone changed the world and birthed a new way of doing business. When transmitting documents via those same phone lines first arrived on the scene, it was almost like witnessing magic. In the late 1980s, the squealing sound of the facsimile machine – or “fax” machine – became part of the modern office’s background […]

  • Dust Collectors: Office Dinosaurs You Use To Love

    Technology transformed the way people communicate, store information, and explore thousands of resources, but it also revolutionized a place almost everyone’s familiar with — the office. This infographic depicts how advancements in technology have benefited the workplace and have taken us from snail mail to email, from fax machines to online faxing, and from typewriters […]

  • How Businesses Bank on Tax Loopholes

    After dealing with filing your own taxes, you probably think companies have to go through a much bigger hassle and have to spend significantly more money. However, this isn’t always the case. Some of the company’s biggest businesses have used loopholes to decrease their required taxes and have even lowered it to 0. A few […]

  • An Inside Look At The Business Behind Cyber Monday

    In 2010, 88% of online retailers participated in Cyber Monday, and the event only looks to be gaining more steam. This infographic breaks down the rapid growth of one of the biggest shopping days of the year and explores the retailers’ behind-the-scenes attempts to keep up with the increasing customer volume. Cyber Monday is growing […]

  • Black Friday Step-by-Step Savings Guide

    Hate all the crowds and long lines on Black Friday? Shop from home this Black Friday and get great deals and savings while avoiding the insanity of overcrowded stores. Source:  Black Friday Savings Guide – Offers.com

  • Top 5 Best Selling Car Brands of 2011

    In the United States of America, there are about 246 million cars, down from 250 million. 2010 saw a decrease in cars as economic hard times set in. So, what cars are Americans buying? What car brands make up that 246 million? Here’s a look at the Five Families of Car-Making in America. #1 The […]

  • The Evolution of Communication

    In 1672, the first mail services in Americas were unofficial routes between the northern colonies’ largest cities Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. As the colonies grew they found their need for better communication growing. This need would spawn the evolution of communication in United States of America. Starting in 1844 with the invention and […]

  • The 9 Worst Messages to Receive via Online Faxing

    Technology has made everything easier for people living in our culture — and that includes avoiding face-to-face conflict. Don’t want to start a confrontation? You can email, text, chat online, or utilize a number of other means of communicating to express your anger, and you even have access to ticked-off emoticons!  >:O For people looking […]

  • How To Win Over Colleagues and Influence Executives

    The boss-employee relationship has always been a complicated one. If management doesn’t provide good leadership, work quality will suffer, but employee morale will decrease, as well. This infographic, How to win over colleagues and influence executives, breaks down the dynamics of bosses and employees in and out of the workplace. It conveys workers’ perceptions, the […]

  • 6 Work Place Shoe Faux Pas To Avoid

    When there’s a chill in the air, work place fashion faux pas run rampant. Usually it’s because people cling onto their summer wardrobes or don’t know how to dress fashionably while also staying warm. Well we’re here to prove style and warmth aren’t mutually exclusive (but remember that Ugg boots and our approval are). (image credit) […]