Babson Entrepreneurship Conference

I had the chance to talk with Steve Spinelli about the Babson Forum on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Of course I took him up on it because as we all know, I have O.L.D. (obsessive learning disorder) which causes me to incessantly pick the brains of other people in an attempt to learn something new.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Babson, it is the top ranked school in the country for entrepreneurship. According to Mr. Spinelli, Babson has "culturally and intellectually adopted entrepreneurship." His job is to make sure that entrepreneurship infuses the entire organization. (Note to Babson: I would love to take Steve's place when he retires!)The primary target audience for the conference is aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, the conference will be useful for people in high growth small businesses and entrepreneurs with rapidly growing companies. Mr. Spinelli noted that some of the attendees will also be VCs, attorneys, and others that provide services to entrepreneurs. So what is the agenda? There's a lot going on, but two interesting things to point out are

  • 1)a workshop on the art of leadership, innovation and laughter
  • 2)a workshop on neuromarketing

I commented on my surprise at a neuromarketing workshop, and Mr. Spinelli explained that the conference is put together by students, and they believe it is important for people (particularly entrerpeneurs) to be exposed to ideas that are new and controversial.

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If you are in or near Wellesley, Mass., check it out. And for next year, I suggest Babson videocast it on the web so we can all watch.