Back from Philly

Philadelphia is a great town! What a cool place. There is a ton of stuff to do and see, and I had a blast. I also had lots of time to think and reflect on some things, which I hope to post later this week, once I get caught up at work.

I read two books while I was there, Curtis White's Middle Mind: Why Americans Don't Think for Themselves, and John Allen Paulos' A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market. Both were good reads. White's book really made me think, but he criticized the right, the left, the media, corporations, and pretty much everybody, so it got kind of old and some of his points were a little unclear (or maybe I just didn't understand). Paulos' book was great if you like to read about the mistakes our brains can make and how illogical we sometimes are. Anyway, the break was nice but I missed blogging. I'm out of town next weekend to, but maybe I can get web access then.

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