Bad Customer Service

Katherine Stone had a bad customer service experience. I wouldn't have expected it from Target, but maybe some of you aren't surprised.

I finally figured out what the definition of customer service is over the holidays. It means the customer is responsible for working their ass off to get any service they can possibly squeeze out of the company from which they have bought goods and services…

…I received an email from Target informing me the house would be delivered somewhere between Dec. 9 and 16. I called Target on Dec. 20 (call #1) to find out why it hadn't yet arrived, and after calling the number back three different times until I figured out what magical combination of numbers to press, I got a real person. This very nice person called the shipping company, Eagle Logistics, and was told that the shipping company had had the item since Dec. 13th and had been calling and calling me to schedule delivery and had not heard back. Amazing, considering I had been home all week and hadn't heard a peep…

Too bad for Bad news can travel quickly in the blogosphere.

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