Bad Customer Service

I just got this story from a friend, although a few irrelevant details were changed.

Had a funny thing just happen. I just called a microcontroller vendor to ask a question, and after speaking to a few (nice) people, got transferred to an engineer.

He picked up, I introduced myself, and asked how he was doing.
His response? "hmmm" (grunt).

Somewhat startled, I paused for a second, so, there was silence on the line. I was then about to ask my question (about a compiler issue). I considered asking him "have you had this kind of compiler problem before?…grunt once for yes, twice for no."

Alas, I only intended on asking the first part of the question, which I started to, and then he cut me off before I finished.

Someone who never developed people skills I guess. Maybe that it why I had to speak to three people before I could get to this guy….

Some people that don't regularly interact with customers often forget the impact they can have.

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