Bad Customer Service

I just got this story from a friend, although a few irrelevant details were changed.

Had a funny thing just happen. I just called a microcontroller vendor to ask a question, and after speaking to a few (nice) people, got transferred to an engineer.

He picked up, I introduced myself, and asked how he was doing.
His response? "hmmm" (grunt).

Somewhat startled, I paused for a second, so, there was silence on the line. I was then about to ask my question (about a compiler issue). I considered asking him "have you had this kind of compiler problem before?…grunt once for yes, twice for no."

Alas, I only intended on asking the first part of the question, which I started to, and then he cut me off before I finished.

Someone who never developed people skills I guess. Maybe that it why I had to speak to three people before I could get to this guy….

Some people that don't regularly interact with customers often forget the impact they can have.

  • Donna Golden

    After requesting my donation back from Trinity Rep Theatre in Providence, R.I.–donation had been made to welcome their newest company member Joe Wilson Jr. ( turned out to be an ingrate )it took over 2 weeks for donation to be returned–never claimed it on taxes but my tax preparer said they were trying to frighten me into thinking they could get personal info. Why else such poor treatment!?