Bad Customer Service at FedEx

Barry Ritholtz writes about his strange experience with FedEx.

I ask for a receipt, and — here's where things get odd — they don't do that.

No receipt? Um, excuse me? I am handing you over $1,800 worth of hardware — admittedly DOA hardware — but its still 2 grand worth of computer that I am responsible for. The guy at Kinko'sFedEx sez:

"Sorry, we can't give you a receipt, unless you pay for the shipping – – and Apple paid for it. Keep a copy of your print out of the label as a receipt. Or you can wait for the driver to arrive, and watch him scan it into the shipment."

This is a very seriously flawed process; If FedEx loses it, then I have no proof that I entrusted it to them; Or an unscrupulous person can pretend to have shipped a DOA PC (which is really fine), and blame the receiptless FedEx, keeping the merch. Either way, its not good for either party.

Surely this is a poorly trained associate and not company policy…

  • Anonomous

    Well, the reason they can’t provide a receipt to you is because that would be disclosing private financial/billing information to an unauthorized party. Your transaction was processed between you and Apple, not you and Fedex, and as such, Apple may have different, private rates/billing specifications between themselves and Fedex that they wish to keep to themselves; additionally, billing information is sometimes used to verif certain information on a Fedex account, and it would therefore be unwise to disclose such information to any unauthorized individuals. Billing information and all related documentation is supposed to go to the original billed party (billed by Fedex).