Bad Customer Service at FedEx

Barry Ritholtz writes about his strange experience with FedEx.

I ask for a receipt, and — here's where things get odd — they don't do that.

No receipt? Um, excuse me? I am handing you over $1,800 worth of hardware — admittedly DOA hardware — but its still 2 grand worth of computer that I am responsible for. The guy at Kinko'sFedEx sez:

"Sorry, we can't give you a receipt, unless you pay for the shipping – – and Apple paid for it. Keep a copy of your print out of the label as a receipt. Or you can wait for the driver to arrive, and watch him scan it into the shipment."

This is a very seriously flawed process; If FedEx loses it, then I have no proof that I entrusted it to them; Or an unscrupulous person can pretend to have shipped a DOA PC (which is really fine), and blame the receiptless FedEx, keeping the merch. Either way, its not good for either party.

Surely this is a poorly trained associate and not company policy…

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