Bad Service at Borders

Kevin's story is pretty sad. After trying to reserve a book online and receiving an email that they were out of stock, he checked it himself.

To make a long story short, I checked online again, and the book was still in stock. So I went to the store, and within 30 seconds I found the book I had reserved, exactly where it should be in the Children's book section. Surprise, surprise.

The book industry is a competitive one. If Borders doesn't plan to win on customer service, then what is their strategy? If they do plan to win on customer service, that attitude obviously hasn't made it to the front line employees.

  • Sharon

    Today my friend and I went to your store in Arcadia
    Westfield mall. We experience horrible service from
    Borders. The thing is I and my friend needs to
    use computer there but the only outlet left is blocked, so I and my friend tried to ask if they can silghtly move the little table forward a little bit because we could use that outlet before. The lady who says her name is Sandra
    Ramirez and she is a sales manager there (that I
    highly doubt her position). She took us back to cafe
    and raised her strong voice in front of all the
    customers who sitting there and start to preach us say
    “first come first serve” ” you can share table with
    others” “We have to make money that’s why the layout
    is like this” And every customer look at us because
    she tries to make us embarrassed there. What kind of
    service or manager is this in this kind of big chain store?
    How can an uneducated person can be a manager who
    doesn’t know how to treat customer with respect. How
    is thier training for your staff?? That’s so
    ridiculous!! So we feel so angry and we went to seek
    for store manager’s help. That’s even funnier!! The
    manager came and I just started to tell her what
    happened and Sandra came with raised voice again. I
    told her why you couldn’t just explain to us the cafe
    is poor layout without organization like Starbucks Why you have to
    say super loudly to preach us in front of all
    customers. We just seek for help but not ask for trouble
    Why you give us such horrible attitude? Then I say
    if you are in our position, what will you feel? She
    says” I am sales manager, I feel things with my
    perspective not customer’s perspective” Then we said,
    as your loyal member and neighbor, we always come here
    but if your service is so poor like this how can we
    keep coming. The ridiculous answer she said,” It’s up
    to you!”
    How can you allow this kind of rude person like a
    barbarian to serve people in an educated environment? Also, the most ridiculous thing is the manger’s
    attitude, how can she treat customer like this? Should
    she apologize for stores’ poor design instead of
    yelling on customers who didn’t do things wrong and
    just simply seek for help. We said, we understand the
    layout can’t be changed but shouldn’t you apologize
    about your rude attitude? Then she said, “ok then I
    apologize, but I can’t do anything!” with raised voice
    again. I just talked to your Arcadia store manager–John.
    He said “How can I make you happy?”
    However, the whole time he tried to do is to protect
    his staff instead of customer.

    I told him my point is the manager’s attitude problem,
    and he correct me about I tried to use laptop there.
    I said it’s ok if I can’t use laptop there but you
    should tell your customer with nice attitude because
    there is no sign to tell me I can’t use your outlet

    Anyway, the whole time he tried to do is to stand for
    his employee instead of listening to customer’s voice.

    I asked if the lady will get any punishment by
    treating her customer like this because he sound like
    there is nothing he will stand up for his customer
    instead of protecting his employee, and he said he
    won’t fire the manager nor giving her punishment, but
    he will discuss with her about the case.”
    He even asked me if you do something wrong, are you
    happy to get punishment? I said if she didn’t get any
    punishment, how can she get the lesson to improve your

    I really think thier Arcadia branch has some serious
    service problem.

  • Yes, Borders is a sad excuse for a business. Anyone know how to get a refund on a credit card from this place? Please email me.