Bank of America Apologizes for Seizing Parrot

Bank of America recently experienced a home seizure FAIL. The bank ransacked a woman’s home, padlocked her doors shut, and seized her parrot–by accident. The bank accidentally foreclosed on her home, even though her mortgage payments were up to date. She is rightfully suing them. ABCNews has the story:

Angela Iannelli returned home one day in October to find her house ransacked, doors padlocked and pet parrot Luke gone. But it wasn’t a burglar. It was Bank of America. The bank had repossessed her home even though the mortgage was up to date.

Iannelli, 46, is suing the bank, noting in court papers the serious destruction done to her house, including “cutting various water lines and electric wiring, damaging plaintiff’s furnishings and carpets.” Iannelli, who eventually recovered Luke, said it took her six weeks to get the bank to clean up the house she has owned for 20 years. Bank of America apologized, saying: “We will move quickly to review the allegations … and consider any hardship that resulted.”

As the number of foreclosures increases across the country, experts say, so do mistakes, such as mixing up names and addresses as they are passed from department to department.

“Bankster” is pretty cliched by now, but this story fits the term like a glove.

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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