Beef Recall Affects 8 East Coast States

Image of E. coli bacterium found here.

Asheville, NY-based Fairbank Farms is recalling nearly 546,000 pounds of ground beef because of a suspected E. coli contamination. The recall affects Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The following supermarkets sold the beef, which may have had sell-by dates between September 19-28, according to the Associated Press:

-Trader Joe’s
-Giant Food Stores
-B.J.’s Wholesale
-Ford Brothers
-Price Chopper

Good Morning America has more:

One person died and at least two people were sickened after eating ground beef in New Hampshire that was possibly contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

To identify recalled products, consumers should check the package label and look for the product name, package weight and sell-by date. All labels will show an establishment number of “EST 492” inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture mark of inspection.

Ron Allen, CEO of Fairbank Farms, said in a statement on its Web site: “We’re assisting our customers in conducting this recall, and continue to urge consumers to check their freezers for ground beef products that are listed in the recall. Consumers who identify these products should return them to the point of purchase for a full refund.”

The ultimate precaution: Just throw away any ground beef in your freezer.

  • The USDA has a plan ready to go to protect you from all that unsafe beef and other meats, thing is, there are over 90% who oppose it (including me) and after you read how the plan will work perhaps you can see why so many oppose it…..
    NAIS(National animal Identification System) requires that every single person who owns one livestock type animal, exotic fowl such as parakeets and fish, even if it is a pet, will join. (note-even though the UASDA claims NAIS is voluntary, the document says it is mandatory!)
    I do not own cattle and am in no way connected to the beef/pork/chicken industry but because I own horses, I will be forced to be part of this plan, thereby working for free for big ag, and paying into the system with my time and money just so you and the world can enjoy “the appearance” of safe beef/pork/chicken…
    Under NAIS I must—
    1. register my premises with the government, even though this step clouds title to private property simply by the language used. A 15 digit gps/bar code type number goes with the property forever, even if at a later date, there are no animals are on it.
    2. All my critters must be microchipped. Besides the costs of chips, vet calls, scanners and computer programs will be needed (more $) Factory farms like Cargill, do NOT have to do this, they get one lot number per group of animals. Any animal in that group could be diseased and who would know.
    3. I report All births, deaths and movements reported into a database within 24 hours or face huge fines. This costs time and money and databases are often hacked into. Again factory farms have few reporting events, already what they do as part of business.
    4. If animal disease is suspected in an area, the USDA can depopulate a 6 mile radius (140 sq. miles of dead healthy animals that never came in contact with the supposed sick animal). Testing for disease not necessary.
    Don’t you feel safer about what you eat because I told the govt everywhere I rode my horse, gave up my property rights and spent thousands of dollars in microchipping, report fees and technical equipment? Or do you think I am just plain crazy? Well I wish I were the crazy one but this program is what your govt thinks will keep our food supply safe. And they got one hatched that will track private gardens, also. (HR2749) even though we do not want nor need any of these programs.
    NAIS is being pushed as an animal disease tracking program but it will not prevent animal disease nor ensure food safety since tracking stops at slaughter, after which is when food safety issues occur. How does my telling the government where and when I ride my horse insure the you and the Japanese are eating safe American beef?!?!?!