Before You Quit Your Job: Inspiration – or Junk Business?

I honestly can't believe that the Carey Business School is pushing this book. Now, I haven't read it, so maybe it's awesome and I am missing out. But I have read two of rob_businessert Kiyosaki's books, and I found them both generic, unhelpful, and uninspiring. Not only that, but Kiyosaki's claims in the book are being questioned in a pretty rigorous fashion. I don't know if Kiyosaki lied or not. Maybe it doesn't matter as long as his story helps entrepreneurs. But as someone that has read a lot** of business books, I can suggest dozens of books that you should read instead.

** Way too many, Mrs. Businesspundit would say, but that's only because she wants the bookshelf space for pictures. Pictures instead of business books! Can you believe that?

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