Beware of Group Pink

There are plenty of good excuses to wear pink. However, there are fewer reasons to be seen in public with others also in pink. Factor in high powered conversation around a laptop and the legitimate circumstances are few. Here are the top only ten:

10. planning the sorority mixer

9. calculating how many sales it’ll take to keep the pink Cadillac

8. sending photos back to the office from the sherbet commercial shoot

7. celebrating St. Pinktrick’s Day

6. competing for the Susan G. Komen Spreadsheets for the Cure

5. preparing the presentation for Barbie Lemonade to your Wal-Mart buyer

4. reviewing numbers from the Pepto Bismol quarterly retreat

3. conducting covert market research on what the public really thinks of pink

2. cruising for bitchin’ eighties nostalgia sites

1. showing solidarity for a colleague whose manhood was questioned for wearing pink – not that there’s anything wrong with that

  • Thanks to the pretty-in-pink trio in my favorite Starbucks today for the inspiration!

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