Beyond Grey Pinstripes

Those of you interested in the social and environmental impacts of business may like to read this report. What is it about? I'll let the website tell you:

If the next generation of business leaders is to excel at managing enterprises for greater competitiveness, it will need the knowledge and skills to tackle not only the financial but also the social and environmental challenges faced by today's corporations. Business schools provide the foundation for the analytical reasoning, strategic thinking, and decision-making frameworks used by future business leaders the world over. In the United States alone, over 100,000 master's degrees in business are awarded each year.

Findings from this survey show that business schools have broadened their coverage of social and environmental stewardship. These issues have become part of the business vernacular and are addressed at many schools through classroom and extracurricular activity. However, the depth of coverage of these topics in MBA programs is severely limited in the core courses-including accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior-that most powerfully shape the MBA experience.

My MBA program was chock full of the basics, because my undergrad degree was Electrical Engineering. I do want to take some interesting electives sometime, but the college I am closest too right now doesn't offer an MBA program.

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