What Happens When Big Data Meets the Healthcare Industry

Big data has impacted every industry, and healthcare is no exception. In the case of healthcare, it’s not just about saving money, it’s also about saving lives.

It’s estimated that the amount of data created in just two days in 2015 will surpass the total amount of data created from the beginning of history until 2003. This data has gone to decreasing the waste of medical supplies and more streamlined filing systems for hospitals and medical offices.

Not only does this save millions of dollars every year, it also helps give a better view of patient history and works to improve the quality of care.

Algorithms have been created to analyze medical big data that can predict epidemics with 70-90% accuracy.

Identifying warning signs of disease can be done earlier, preventable care and curing of diseases becomes more reliable and accurate.

Pharmaceutical companies have also begun sharing big data among one another which paves the way for more medical breakthroughs.

Over the past few decades, big data has helped make the healthcare industry for effective, efferent, and personal. Take a look at this infographic for more on the impacts of big data on our hospitals and what the future of healthcare looks like.


Written by David Krug

David Krug

David Paul Krug is the director of marketing at College Reviews