Bing H2O: The $38 Bottled Water

An entrepreneur has launched Bling H2O, which is ultra premium water. You can pick up a bottle for just $38. Yes, that's right. $38. For water. This is exactly the kind of stupid idea that will probably be successful even though everyone will talk about how dumb it is. More info at the LA Times.

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  • Alan

    the link to the L.A. times seems to be broken (NOT FOUND: The requested URL /dailydish/2007/12/pure-bling-wate.html” was not found on this server.)

  • With all of the discretionary income that most of the entertainment people have, this will be a cinch for them. I wonder how long it will be before they do an IPO?

  • W

    Hmmm I kind of like it. The ultimate skimming pricing strategy.
    We need to launch one at 100 bucks a bottle. Start in LA and get some famous people to drink it. For rational people it looks crazy, but luckily there are a lot of non-rational rich people.

    I will look for it on “Cribs”. 8^)

  • At $38 a bottle and all that glitz or “bling” on the bottles you’d think they could spring for a decent website. Grainy, simple, cheezy… ugh.