BlackBerry Tour 9630 Enters Business Smartphone Race


The Blackberry Tour 9630 will hit stores this summer. The new 3G phone, which is compatible with overseas networks, will use Sprint and Verizon networks. It joins the Palm Pre, iPhone 3GS, Samsung Jet, and Nokia E72 in this summer’s business smartphone arms race. Slashgear has more:

After months of leaks regarding the handset, Sprint has announced that they will be offering the BlackBerry Tour. Packed with EVDO Rev.A and 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus, the Tour also has 2100MHz UMTS/HSPA and quadband GSM for international roaming use; it’s expected to arrive “later this summer” in the US.

Other specifications include an HVGA 480 x 360 display, microSD card slot content with up to 16GB cards, and a full QWERTY keyboard. No WiFi, but there’s Bluetooth and GPS, plus a 3.5mm headphone jack; Sprint also load the Tour with their music store, mobile TV, NFL and NASCAR apps.

There’s also Facebook, MySpace and Flickr integration, IM and MMS support. Specific release dates are yet to be confirmed, but the Sprint BlackBerry Tour will be priced at $199.99 after $150 of rebates (part mail-in, part instant).

If you’re confounded about which smartphone to buy, here are some reviews that might help:

–PCWorld compares the BlackBerry Tour with the new Nokia E72 here.

–CNet reviews the iPhone 3GS here.

–Gizmodo reviews the Palm Pre here.

–ZDNet reviews the Samsung Jet here.

  • I don’t like these can type of phones, to big! I friend bough one a week ago and somehow he is not receiving calls from it, but well maybe is a matter of luck, great blog check mine.

  • abcyesn

    I’ve been using Blackberries for over a year now (and have several of them to date). I’m not necessarily an “expert” on BB’s but I know more than the average user.

    I’m a gadget addict with full blown Blackberry addiction :-) If you have never had one and don’t know what I mean when I say that don’t worry, you will soon enough ;-) They say once you go BlackBerry you can never go back and for the most part that is true. I have had several Blackberries on Verizon (8830 World Edition, Curve 8930, Storm 9530, and soon to be the Tour 9630) which is my preferred carrier. But I do have a line on AT&T because I could not resist the Bold any longer. Soon I will have an unlocked TMobile BB 8900 Curve and swap that back and forth with my Curve (the wonders of a SIM card).

    I came across a site for the blackberry tour owners I hope you will also find it useful. talk care.

  • The RIM Blackberry tour 9630 has nice features like Bluetooth, GPS and 3.2 mega pixel camera etc. The qwerty keyboard makes typing a real fun. Its a real black beauty. The RIM Blackberry tour 9630 is pack with the package of a load of accessories including a travel charger, three international adapters, a USB cable etc. For more details refer

  • i bought my Blackberry piece 3 months back from Ebay and am happy i got a good deal on it ;)

  • logan

    great phone. i get around it really easy and it seems pretty practical. apps are fun and the email is easy to use. it’s very light and it feels good in my hand so i like it. also the screen is bigger than my old phone and i like the qwerty so i’m really happy with it! I got 2 off of and i’ve had them for a month and i love them. 2 thumbs way way up!