Blog Ads Generate Money for Campaigns

This article isn't the usual Businesspundit fare, but it demonstrates the changing role of blogs in the information landscape.

Not even his own staff would call Democratic congressional candidate Ben Chandler a nethead.

"He uses the Internet almost exclusively for fantasy baseball," said campaign spokesman Jason Sauer, who added that he wasn't sure whether, until recently, Chandler even knew what a blog was.
But that was before Chandler's campaign turned a $2,000 investment in blog advertising into over $80,000 in donations in only two weeks. Chandler — who won a seat in the House of Representatives Tuesday evening — definitely knows what a blog is now, Sauer said. "It's that thing that brings in money."

Political blog advertising represents the latest twist on the Internet fund-raising strategy pioneered by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, which raised millions of grass-roots dollars from its Blog for America website. Chandler's campaign is the first of several that have started advertising on political blogs as a cost-effective way to reach a national audience.

Being a Businesspundit and all, I hope to make money practicing what I preach. There is no plan here to ever accept donations or advertisements (although I will accept free books, and will write about them if I like them). Hell, if anyone wanted to advertise here, I guess the target market would be business geeks like myself, and I think we are a little bit more skeptical of advertising than the average person because we understand how and why it is used. So you probably wouldn't want to do that anyway. But back to the Wired article, it is interesting to see this more mainstream embracing of blogs occuring. I wonder what other things it will lead to long-term?