Blog Stuff

My blogroll has grown to the point where I no longer make it through all the sites in one day, which means it is time to re-organize it. I also rarely check to see who links to me, so if you read this site and would like a link just ask. I'll put you on the blogroll, but if you suddenly stop posting for several weeks you may get dropped.

Matt Certo was kind enough to criticize one of my posts today (just kidding Matt, you were right). But hey I am used to that from Brother Hezekiah's occasional visits. Check out Matt's blog if you get a chance. It's nice to see another blogger with a business focus.

There have been tons of econ bloggers around for awhile, and a few stock/financial bloggers have shown up in the last few months, and now business bloggers are showing up too. (Andy Ruff writes a lot of good stuff, but keeps going out of town.) Fortune is considering a blog, although they want readers to pay to post, I think. Probably all the major business mags will have them sooner or later.

Which brings me to my point… what is the future of businesspundit? I certainly enjoy blogging, but I don't want to post on stuff that tons of other people cover, which is why I rarely do politics on this blog even though some days I really want to. I've thought about making this a group blog, particularly if I could find a management professor to contribute, but who knows. I do plan to do more original longer stuff, and not just linking. I'd really like to incorporate my interest in neuroscience into more posts, but I haven't yet figured out the best way to do that. Maybe I should start a separate blog, but then again this one still looks like shit and I have wanted to redesign it for awhile so my time could better be spent doing that.

Anyway, I hope this trend continues and we see lots more business bloggers in the future.