Blogging and Business

Russell has a good post on business blogging, with some thoughts on why it isn't popular in Germany.

In Germany, many companies tend to be very "corporate" and certainly very formal compared to the US and UK, as an example. For instance, it's common for colleagues of many years to still call each other Mr and Mrs (Herr or Frau) and speak to each other with the formal sie, rather than the familiar du.

So the idea, for instance, of a CEO blogging to the world is distinctly alien.

But I believe that they have to master this new communication channel, if they want to continue to compete on the world stage, especially in the technology sector.

Tim Bray, Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems wrote recently:

The existence of the Sun and Microsoft blogs is, every day, making our competitors' lives a little harder. This kind of competitive advantage generally just doesn't go unanswered; we are after all living in a free-enterprise system.

Interesting. We are starting to see already that "blogger" can be a full-time profession for a lucky few. Soon there will be college courses in it (which department will they be in??), and eventually maybe even a full degree program. Or not. I think corporate blogging is a good thing, but I don't know that it is important enough yet to be a major concern.

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