Blogging as a Productivity Tool

Jeremy points out that executives don't blog much. One main reason is the lack of time. But after reading what John Moore wrote, executives may want to think twice.

Seriously, this week has done wonders for my work drive. I haven't been this engaged at work in years. I credit blogging to helping me make sharper, more strategic decisions at work this week. And, I have been a better, more consistent mentor/teacher to my direct reports.

Being plugged in can do wonders for your productivity. This blog hasn't been up a full year yet, and I have learned so much from reading, writing, and interacting with other bloggers. My ideas on business and management are constantly challenged and sharpened, and I am exposed to new ideas. I know not everyone has the time for it, and few us have the time to post at an intense pace like Instapundit, but I think John is right – in moderation, blogging can help your productivity.