Blogging – Practice for Your Brain

The nature of brains is that they try to simplify everything. Conscious processing demands significant amounts of energy, so our brains try to get around that by making repetitive tasks simple. I'm sure you have all lived in that apartment with a strange door lock in one room. When you first moved in it took you 30 seconds to lock it each time, but after a month you had this automatic motion down that nailed it on the first try. If you have every played a musical instrument, you know that there comes a point where you stop seeing the music as discrete notes or chords, and begin to read it like you would a book. With practice, we move ourselves from incompetence through conscious competence to unconscious competence at the new tasks we take on. Over time, we get better and better at certain things and they become "natural."

To some extent, that has happened with me, business, and this blog. It is almost like this blog has been training some of those neural pathways for me so that some business decisions are easier and some analysis comes more naturally. I'm constantly in discussions about pricing, marketing, and the like when I think back to studies I've blogged about or comments people have left here. Blogging has made my business thinking more natural and automatic. Notice I didn't say it had become "better," only time will tell the answer to that.

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