Blogs, Branding, and LSI

MarketingProfs has a very interesting article about using blogs for brand insights. It discusses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) which I had not encountered before but seems like a good idea.

Brand health is ultimately a measure of how strong the connections are within consumer minds between a brand and its intended brand equities, which includes all those tangible and intangible assets of a brand, including its name, symbols and associations. LSI is well suited to explore these connections, since linguists developed this tool to mine large repositories of text for conceptual connections between words.

Accordingly, LSI can be readily repurposed to explore conceptual connections between words identifying brand (i.e., brand names) and the words marking their brand equities.

How does this relate to blogging? The author explains:

The recent surge in blogging by consumers offers an ideal environment for LSI analysis for brand health. Consumer-written blogs reveal largely unedited consumer attitudes in numerous diary-like documents that can be readily harvested for text mining through their RSS or ATOM feeds. Furthermore, the existence of date stamps within these feeds offers better temporal control of data than normal scraping of text content from standard Web sites.

The distributed, unedited nature of blogs gives them tremendous potential for uses like this.

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