BlogWorld Expo – The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly


I haven't blogged more about Blog World Expo because I don't like to live blog sessions (I'd rather pay close attention), and the combination of time changes plus a little too much beer has made my sleep patterns pretty lousy. I've been too tired to get motivated to write. But the last night in Vegas I went to bed early and slept soundly, so here are some things I learned at the expo.

The Good
1. It amazes me now kind some people can be when you've never met them before and they have nothing to gain from what you are doing. I met a lot of cool people who want to see others do well.

2. Mark Cuban's keynote was fantastic, and it was nice to hear a fellow skeptic of user generated content speak his mind to the blog crowd. Cuban also talked about Facebook's valuation, so maybe I'll see if he will install our valuation app.

3. I encountered more evidence that advertising dollars + long tail + new media is going to make content creation as a business a difficult one to monetize. You have to find a way to aggregate, you have to find a way to go big and create content at a large scale, or you have to create content for purposes other than simple monetization through advertising. Otherwise, content creation costs will outstrip ad revenues.

4. Total money spent gambling – $10.

5. Very few people at this conference were big fans of

6. I hadn't been exposed to Leo Laporte before, but he's a very cool guy.

The Bad

7. In contrast to point #1 – there are a few people who, despite having traffic and links that are not that impressive, seem to think they are big shots who can be pompous assholes to everybody. Luckily, they were few and far between.

8. A little too much blogger circle jerking went on. There were a few flash in the pan bloggers who basically write about nothing but how great their blog friends are. These celebs of the moment probably won't be back next year, because they will have been replaced by next year's fad.

The Ugly

9. Look at the pic. If Entrecard wants to spend money on booth babes, don't skimp. It's worse than having none at all.

Overall, this was a great conference with a much higher signal to noise ratio than SXSW. It was more business oriented, and less about parties. The quality of the attendees and speakers was high. I'll definitely come back next year.

  • I agree, great show. I’ve got a bunch of videos from the show up on my site.

    Who were the a-hole bloggers you’re talking about? C’mon, let it out!

  • I hate the bloggers who think they’re too big to help the new up and comers. I personally love helping new bloggers by commenting daily if I can or giving their site a thumbs up.

    As for the booth babes – come on, the shorter one is hot!

  • As someone that was more behind the scenes, I agree with some of your assessment. Great recap, and thanks for coming to Blog World Expo!

  • Apparently, its easier to get a 6ft blonde to marry a blogger than it is to pitch to a blogger in a booth… who knew?

  • The Ugly.. Rob, unless you’re talking about the guy in the middle, that’s just mean.