BNET and Gary Cogg

The folks at BNET sent me the following, about why they did the Gary Cogg piece.

BNET Director Jay Gulick was looking for a unique content proposition for the business thought leadership Web site and decided to be the first site to offer a business animation series. He worked with a Web animation company to create Gary Cogg, a tireless downtrodden hard-working unsung every-CEO who is balding, single, and on his third heart attack. In the first episode, Gary is in charge of a blood drive and in the soon-to-be-released second episode, he's a character in a business reality show.

It's definitely a "unique content proposition." But I wonder if it will appeal to the right audience. Sure, I like it, but this blog and what is written here is clear evidence that I am not quite normal. Still, Dilbert is proof that there is decent market for business humor. It will be interesting to see what happens with this down the road.

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