Bob Nardelli Interview

Chief Executive magazine has an interesting interview with Bob Nardelli. The part I like best is when he said this:

I hope we have created an environment here where the unvarnished truth can come out and we can deal with an issue honestly, up front and in a constructive manner. It's only when you hide those things from each other and the business that you have these major conflicts. So I think this integrative process, these program reviews, these project reviews, the visibility to project status (red, yellow, green) not only from a financial standpoint, but from a tasking standpoint, has all been healthy for us.

Everyone agrees that honesty is the best policy in business, but in my experience, most people can't handle it (and thus don't want to hear it) when they are partially responsible for problems. Feedback needs to go up and down the chain of command. If Nardelli's comments are sincere, my guess is that he is building a culture that will enable Home Depot to be very successful.

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