Boost Mobile will take $5 off your bill for using this app

Boost Mobile debuts Boost Dealz

Sprint is testing a new revenue stream that can save Boost Mobile prepaid customers $5 per month.

The new program is an app called “Boost Dealz” which can be installed on a users smartphone. Once installed a full-screen ad is shown when users unlock their phones.

Currently, the ad is only displayed every two or three unlocks, according to Matt Berriman, CEO of Unlockd, and the firm that helped Sprint build the new offering.

In exchange for having the app on their phones for a month, users will receive a $5 credit in their account.

Sprint, the owner of Boost Mobile, believes daily ads will display around 40 to 50 times per user. Customers will be able to see tailored ads based on their interests and locations.

Based on 40 ads per day, Boost Mobile customers are likely to see 1200 ads per month. That means Sprint will need to earn at least $4.16 CPM ($4.16 per 1,000 views) to make the program cost effective.

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On average, the app will download about 120 MB of data per month. The equivalent of streaming music for about three hours.

Boost Dealz is only available for Boost Mobile Android phones at this time. If the program is a success it could expand to other platforms.

Early reviews for the ads displaying app are mixed. 50% of reviews appear closer to a one-star rating, while 50% are closer to five stars.

If you are a Sprint Wireless customer the company has announced that its offering up to two free smartphones with certain family plan subscriptions, and $5 off plans with an auto renewal service.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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