Born Rich

This piece discusses Jamie Johnson's documentary Born Rich.

Jamie Johnson, a fourth-generation heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, is sitting in a cocktail lounge in downtown Manhattan talking about one of America's great taboo subjects: family wealth. "How strange we have all this money," the 23-year-old says to me. "We have extravagant lifestyles and live really well, but we're afraid to talk about it. That doesn't make sense. That seems like a very unhealthy paradox." You can tell that Johnson has thought about this a lot. But instead of simply stewing, or squandering his money as other members of his rather notorious family have, Jamie Johnson decided to conduct an inquiry. Even more radical, he decided to pick up a movie camera.

I have seen this, and it is a bit slow in some parts, but overall I found it very interesting. If you have HBO, check it out.