Surviving in the Job Market: An Interview with BriteTab’s David Rogers

Jobs–or lack thereof–are the one thing touching almost everyone in the current recession. How many of your friends, acquaintances and family members have lost a job in the past several years? How many have found new work? If responded “none” to the first question, or “everybody” to the second, you’re either a bank executive or are very lucky.

Small businesses have reacted to the swamped job market by offering tools to help you be seen by hiring managers. is one of those companies. They make it easy for you to design a classy, interactive online resume. The quality of your online appearance, in turn, will help you stand out online. We interviewed BriteTab Director of Product Development David Rogers to learn more about what it takes to stand out in the job market.

BP: If you had to describe the state of the job market today in one word, what would it be? Can you explain why you used that word?

Crowded. The hefty recession of 2009 led to a lot of job cuts and those people are flooding the job market. Mix that with a new bunch of college students getting ready to graduate in just a few months and you have absolutely massive amounts of people looking for jobs. Finding ways to get noticed in these stacks is the difference maker for anyone out there looking for a job.

BP: I’m aware that one of the biggest problems for job seekers right now is competition. What are three things job seekers can do to get their applications noticed?

People getting their applications noticed are the ones daring to be different. Your first impression needs to stand out, it needs to emphasize your best skills, and it needs to show that you can deliver exactly what the job requires.

First and foremost, it’s about making your presence known by making it more eye-catching. Recruiters are having hundreds, if not thousands, of traditional resumes pass over their desk for a single position. Using a service like ours at, you can easily take that old, tired out resume and turn it into a unique resume that will surely attract some attention.

Next, it’s making sure that when you catch that eye, what you have to say is important. Boil down what you do and bring out the best in it. Don’t focus on the mundane but focus on the stellar outstanding results that made you a star at your last job. Tell it concise but with vivid language. Whether it’s a video or text that you’re talking about yourself in make sure someone actually wants to listen to it.

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Third, make sure your connection is one-to-one. Very traditional job searching tools (i.e. resume and cover letter) all fall too easily into being a form letter that you just copy and paste new information into. Hiring managers are demanding more personalized content. Why are your skills right for their company specifically. Make sure you establish that connection in everything you do.

BP: In the recent past, sending a resume and cover letter would suffice for job applicants. Does that traditional model still hold true, or do job applicants need more, eg. an established online presence?

At, we believe an established online presence is crucial to job search success. The paper resume is just not doing what hiring managers need anymore. With so much competition, the more information you can share the better. With our service, a hiring manager could get a great look at a candidate and essentially conduct an interview without ever having them step in the door. This makes their job easier, this lets them get a better feel for who they’re really working with and just opens the door to more opportunities.

BP: Do you have any tips for people looking for a job today?

Yes, establish your web presence. It’s never too late to start. Social media accounts are a great way to get noticed. Make sure that if someone Googles your name, they find you. And not only that they find you but that what they find is something that’s going to want to make them hire you.

BP: Any other remarks?’s service is 100% free to users right now and will eventually becoming a freemium model with premium upgrades. Using our service creating an online resume can take a matter of minutes, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

For more on BriteTab, visit their website.

Written by Drea Knufken

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