Brothers build life-sized version of Little Tikes toy car for charity

Adult Little Tikes Toy Car

We are all familiar with the red-and-yellow plastic Little Tikes car that we scooted around on in our driveways when we were toddlers.

We would pretend to be like grown up mom and dad driving around as we peddling our feet on the ground to make the car start and stop like we were in the Flintstones.

But two UK brothers, John and Geof Bitmead, held on to those childhood dreams and have taken it to a whole new level after they made a motorized, totally street-legal version of the Little Tikes car for adults.

The Little Tikes car comes with working headlines, airbags and better mirrors.

You may be asking yourself, why would they build such a thing?  Well, besides the fact that you look pretty awesome driving around in it, but there’s a much more generous reason; charity.

John had plans on selling the car for around $46,000 to cover the costs of building it plus additional money to provide to a children’s charity.

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That’s right. These guys are not just wildly creative automotive toy makers, they are also philanthropists. Unfortunately John was not able to sell the car at the price point he wanted and had to sell for closer to $32,000.

While the Little Tikes Car is amazing, we can’t help but wait for an adult, street-legal Hot Wheel.

Written by Dave Polykoff

Dave Polykoff is a tech entrepreneur, designer and writer with 6+ years in Product Development. Dave manages multiple start up companies, watches a movie a day, and likes all of your cat memes on Instagram. For more of Dave's micro thoughts check out his Twitter @DavePoly.