Building your RQ

We have all hear of IQ, and most of us by now have heard of EQ. Now there is a new one – RQ – the Reputation Quotient. How can you build up your RQ?

Building your RQ is a three-step process:

Extract. Unearth your unique promise of value. Learn what separates you from your peers and is compelling to those who need to know about you so that you can expand your success.

Express. Build a communications plan to express your brand. Identify the tools that you will use to communicate your unique promise of value so that you will become consistently and constantly visible to those around you.

Exude. Manage your brand environment. From your desk or office to your voice-mail greeting, you must ensure that everything that surrounds you sends the same on-brand message.

There is some truth to this. I know it has been said that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a second to ruin it. In that case, maybe I should stop blogging. Someone may use this stuff against me someday.

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By the way, Tom Peters wrote something along these lines in Fast Company a few years ago. Of course, some people think it is all a bunch of crap.