Business By Blog

Guatam Ghosh made an interesting comment on this post of mine.

Lets hypothesize…an organization approaches the "BizBloggers Consulting Consortium" with a business problem. It gets posted on all the biz blogs and commented upon by all the readship of these blogs and then the consortium aggregates the best solutions and presents them to the organization ?

Sounds interesting :-))

The "wisdom of crowds" at work?

I've been thinking about this and it raises an interesting question. Could you really do business by blog? Could anyone really start a consulting company that was owned by several dozen smart people around the world who all read several blog entries about a business problem and then gave their feedback? I'm not familiar with the consulting industry, but my initial guess would be that it takes a lot more depth to do good analysis. Plus there are many things, like the dynamics of a team, that can't be determined via an essay. (Maybe the client has to post video clips and we have online chat with employees). It could be a very interesting undertaking, to say the least. And maybe a good idea for a class project in a "Strategic Thinking" class.

20 Hidden Ways Business Professionals Struggle With Pain

We don't need to stop at consulting, though. On a larger scale, I wonder if it is possible to run a business mostly by blog? It would be a good way to coordinate projects by dispersed people, but I am not sure if it could be successful. I wonder if I could land a grant (so that I don't waste my own money) to start a business where the decisions are made by anyone who logs on, reads about the issues and votes (and registers, of course so I can screen out the crazies). Hmmmm…