Business Ethics as Competitive Advantage

An interesting new paper examines business ethics as a competitive advantage.

We will also analyze business ethics as a threat to business competitiveness, when ethical failure diminishes the reputation of a company and its products, locally and globally. In certain markets companies' records of positive or negative ethical conduct determine their "licence to operate" in some markets.

The problem with "ethics" is that, much like yesterday's post about superstar managers, most people probably think they are ethical. Would a study of self-ranking on ethics show that 90% of managers put themselves in the top 10% when it comes to ethics?

  • Hey Rob,
    With a background in journalism, a profession that prides itself on ethics with really questionable results in recent years, I’d go as far as to say that the problem with ethics is that they have been codified instead of simply being about trying to do the right thing. It seems to me that an imposed code of ethics does little more than tell folks the bare minimum they need to do to get by instead of teaching them to strive for the best they can be in the hopes that a good reputation and great sales will follow.

  • tell about ethics in imposed?