Business Innovation at the IdeaFestival


I was reading an article on innovation called Think Like a Disrupter, when I realized it has been a long time since I last mentioned the IdeaFestival, which will be a great event for business leaders looking for innovative ideas.

It will be held right here in Louisville from October 11-14, and features a great list of speakers. I'm hoping I can grab a beer with Ray Kurzweil and Burt Rutan while they are in town. And maybe I'll even get to chat with Elizabeth Spiers of Dealbreaker. There are also a bunch of people coming to speak about new media, which, since I'm sort of negative on the whole citizen journalism thing, I may sit in the audience and heckle (if the Ideafestival guys read this – I'm kidding).

If you have the time, check it out. You never know where your next idea for a new startup, a new product, or a new service may come from. The cross pollination of ideas that will take place at this event will leave you with plenty of stuff to think about. You can even volunteer if you want to help. So don't miss a chance to hear some cutting edge speakers talk about their latest ideas. Maybe you will find your next competitive advantage.

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