Business Limericks

I like to do creativity exercises that stretch my thinking and push it into new areas. For some strange reason, after I did one this morning, I got the bright idea that I would write business limericks. Here are a few I composed. Not sure why you would really care, except maybe you are bored. In that case, add your own in the comments, or post one and send me the link. Let this post serve as a warning to you about the dangers of creativity exercises.

There once was a company boss
Who tried to compete but he lost
His employees were slow
They were not in the flow
And he ended up with higher costs

If increasing sales is your need
What your customers say, you should heed
Listen to their suggestions
Or face insurrections
Which decreases sales with great speed

And here's one especially for Web 2.0

If your website name ends with an R
And your narcissist members are stars
Though their content is lame
You'll cash out all the same
Because fads pay much better by far

Yes, something in my brain wiring is not quite right. I'm well aware of this.

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