Overcoming the Biggest Business Risks in History

Playing the odds is a tricky game, especially when there’s a lot on the line. Some of the biggest wins (and losses) were all because someone decided to take a chance and play the odds. Where would we be now if those risks were never taken?

The founding fathers took a huge risk when they decided to mock up the Declaration of Independence. From what they understood, it could have gone one of two ways. Either they would be allowed to declare their independence from Great Britain or suffer defeat from one of the largest armies in the world. They must have been feeling lucky.

Charles Lindbergh was playing a dangerous game when he flew across the AtlanticWithout lights, a windshield or even a radio, Lindbergh;s plane was the optimal weight to make 3,500-mile journey. With money, reputation, and even his own life on the line, Lindbergh successfully landed in Paris and became world famous.

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But the transformation of the Vegas Strip from a small, dry stretch of road into the one of the most popular destinations in the world was the gamble of the century. Guy McAfee, an LAPD commander on the run for his unfortunate run-in with the mob, purchases the tiny Pair-O-Dice nightclub in Nevada to law low for a while. That didn’t last long, though because a few short years after the Golden Nugget, McAfee’s second venture, turns the Vegas Strip into what it is today.

Thinking about the gambles these men made that changed history makes it a lot easier to justify laying down for last thousand in the casino. But ask yourself, what could happen if you were willing to risk it all? Take  a look at this infographic for more on the gambles that made and changed history.

beating the odds through history