Business Students are Cheaters.

This doesn't bode well for the future of business.

A recent study that I wasn't able to find online was mentioned in the recent Businessweek. The study was performed by the Center for Academic Integrity and looked at cheating in college. According to the study of 50,000 students at 69 schools, 26% of business majors admitted to serious cheating on exams and 54% admitted to cheating on written assignments.

Apparently the only group to cheat more than biz students was journalism majors.

  • I assume this was for undergraduate business majors, which a lot of people go into for lack of any other ideas. I think for MBAs it would be a lot lower (I at least hope it would be).

    I wouldn’t have dreamed of cheating during my MBA because, quite frankly, I thought it was fun. But I already had a job – my company sent me to business school – so I wasn’t very concerned about grades, which may have made me a minority.