Business travelers are now choosing Uber over rental cars

Business Travelers

Business travelers prefer the convenience of Uber over taxis and rental cars, according to a report from Certify.

In its report released on Thursday, Certify says Uber business expenses recently beat out rental car expenses in the United States.

While Uber rides made up 41% of expensed rides during the fourth quarter of 2015, rental cars accounted for only 39%. Uber overtook taxis rides two quarters ago.

Certify, an expense reporting company, analyzed more than 9 million receipts and travel expenses for the last quarter of 2015, and over 30 million receipts for the entire year.

Lyft rides have seen a 712% growth over 2015, while taxi rides have fallen from 35% of overall rides in the first quarter of the year to just 20% in the fourth quarter.

On-demand services have been the biggest winners among the industry. HotelTonight, which lets customers book last minute hotel rooms, saw a 1050% growth from the first quarter of 2015, while home-sharing and hotel alternative Airbnb grew by 259% over the same period.

Many companies in the ride-sharing and hotel booking spaces have focused their efforts on offering business-specific options, such as Airbnb Business, which provides companies with immediate access to expense reports and booking options.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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