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  • How to Get The Best Credit Card Processing Fees For Your Business

    You might not know it but everything in life except death (and sometimes taxes) is negotiable. This is also true for the credit card processing fees that your business pays but it’s not widely known and you will need to understand the basics of how credit card processing works to get the best deal from […]

  • How To Hire For Cultural Fit (and When Not to Hire For Cultural Fit)

    When you hire a new employee; you’re making a serious investment in your business. Research suggests that costs of hiring and engaging the wrong employee can be equivalent to 6-9 times their monthly salary. A mistake in the hiring process, particularly in small businesses with shallow pockets, can have a huge impact on the bottom […]

  • How to Protect Your Business From Fraud

    Fraud is a serious risk for small businesses. Businesses receive less protection under law than individuals when it comes to bank fraud and the risk of cyber-fraud is ever increasing. But the risks to businesses don’t just come from outside the company; they may lurk within the company too. Employees all too often commit fraud […]

  • How to Help Investors Choose to Invest In Your Business

    There comes a time in the life of every business when you need a little more (or a lot more) money to get things moving in the right direction. That’s where investors come in; they take a stake in your business in exchange for cash. But how do you get the attention of investors when […]

  • 5 Ways That You Can Be a Better Leader

    Every organization asks for something different from its leaders and it can sometimes feel difficult to fulfill a leadership role effectively because of this. Yet, while the execution of a leadership role can vary from business-to-business there are many common areas of leadership that apply across the board to all leaders. It’s in these common […]

  • How to Boost Your Confidence at Work to Get Ahead

    It’s all too easy to let your confidence get dented but it’s not good when it happens. Why? Confidence has a huge part to play in the way that your career develops. When you feel confident and have a strong sense of self-belief, it’s been demonstrated that you more likely to set and attain goals. […]

  • Workable Review: The Best Recruiting Software System for Small Businesses

    We’ve been taking a close look at recruiting software systems this week and our overall pick for the best recruiting software systems for small businesses is Workable. Workable is a fully-featured recruitment software which is affordable and works on a sensible pricing model which doesn’t limit those features (unlike many other recruitment software providers which […]

  • How to Pick the Right Job For You

    When you’re trying to work out what the right career is for you; it’s easy to get waylaid about the wrong issues. People can get too focused on whether there’s enough money or whether they’re working for a big enough name brand rather than on what really matters. If you’re thinking about your first job […]

  • How to Plan For Succession in a Family Run Business

    Succession for top management positions in any business isn’t an easy thing to manage. However, in family run businesses it’s not just the in-work relationships which might be threatened by poor succession choices – it’s also the family relationships which might come under threat. That means it’s doubly important for family run businesses to plan […]

  • What If You Could Eat Healthy On The Go?

    The days of eating all your home cooked from scratch meals at home are long gone. More people are working longer hours and they are always on the go. It’s not easy to find a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal or snack on the go, but that is what Millennials are demanding these days. We’ve […]