BusinessBlogCasting – A New Audio/Text Group Blog

I have an experiment. It is a new business blog called Business BlogCasting. The main page of the site is actually just a shell that shows two blogs side by side – the Business BlogCasting Text Blog and the Business BlogCasting Audio Blog. They can both be accessed individually by following the links. Each one of them also contains a linkblog on the side that doesn't show up on the main page.

Why start another blog?

Because I don't like what is happening with audioblogging and podcasting.

Like many new technologies, the race is on to figure out how to make money with it. But we need to back up. First we need to determine what people want. Who listens to blog audio? Why? Do they want an audio version of typical blog posts? If not, what do they want? This new site is an attempt to find out.

I've invited several interesting bloggers. It was tough, but I decided to go with a broad range of people from different disciplines, and I leaned towards people I don't know that well. I think that will provide the best mix for experimentation.

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What can you expect? Lots of different posts, some audio, some text, covering a wide range of topics, in all kinds of different formats, but all related to business.

I'm not giving up this blog. I'll still be here almost every day. Now I'll just blog in two places.

So click on over to the new site. Tell us what you think. I hope we all learn something from it.