Businesspundit Christmas 07 Giveaway


We're giving away an Apple Nano this week, right on time for the holidays!

This blog is teaming with goWholesale to find out more about how you use the internet to source products and services for your business.

The Apple Nano will go the person that gives us the best tip on using the web to source products for their business.

* Leave a comment below with your answer.
* You may only enter Business Pundit's Christmas 2007 giveaway once. You can enter different giveaways, but you can only enter this one once.
* Contest is open to anyone in the 50 States, 18 or older.
* Winners will be selected by Business Pundit on December 11. The Apple Nano will be shipped shortly after.
* Entries can be submitted until Monday, December 10th, 11:59PM EDT.

Good Luck! And check out goWholesale's Sourcing Survey 2007 for a chance to win an Apple Touch!

  • Adam

    Honestly, I have to be lame and say Google. That’s where I usually start and finish. Despite the pathetic results most of the time, it still seems to be the best resource.

    Oh crap, I mean, I go there every time:)

  • The things I’ve done to promote my business online that have given me the biggest bang for the buck are: (1) participating in online communities where I can post my site URL, (2) writing an ebook and promoting it on sites like,, and (3) writing a blog and publishing it on