5 Things Businesses Can Learn From Caine’s Arcade

Caine built a cardboard arcade. And he built his dream. Even when adults had a different perspective of reality. Out of nothing he created everything. And he gave us hope. Hope for a simpler world.

Here is what you and your business can learn.

1. Focus on the 1 customer that can change your world
In the story of Caine’s Arcade it only took one passionate customer to turn around Caine’s Arcade. Likewise in your business focus on the 1 customer who can change how you do business.

2. Don’t listen to the naysayers
Caine never got discouraged. He showed up everyday and wore his uniform. He kept building. Even though no one expected him to be ready for success. He never listened to his fellow classmates. Instead he believed he could do something amazing.

3. Never give up hope
Caine never gave up. He never stopped. And neither should you. Even when you are waiting for the 1 customer.

4. Believe in the impossible
Believe in the impossible. Caine’s only dream was 1 customer. It seemed so impossible. But he achieved it and it changed his world and so many others.

5. Create Something Amazing
What separates Caine from everyone else is that he created something amazing. And that’s what you need in your business. Don’t just create a product. Create something amazing. And amazing product that solves a real problem in the marketplace.

Not everyone will have a Caine’s Arcade success story. But if you believe in your business, and you plan for the unexpected great things can and will happen to you.

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