Cal-Maine Recalls 288,000 Eggs

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Mississippi-based Cal-Maine Eggs, the country’s largest egg seller, is recalling nearly 290,000 eggs for suspected salmonella contamination. Affected brands include Sunny Meadow, Springfield Grocer, Sun Valley and James Farm (Consumerist has the full list of brands).

CBS has more:

Cal-Maine Foods Inc….is recalling 288,000 eggs that they distributed around the country after salmonella was detected at the Ohio farm they purchased them from.

That farm, Ohio Fresh Eggs, has received financing from Jack DeCoster, the owner of Wright County Egg, which caused the massive recall earlier this year.

The new eggs, according to Cal-Maine, have so far been shipped to food wholesalers and retailers in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. They were packaged in early October, but the company claims they were only notified of the salmonella problem on Nov. 5.

So far, there are no reported illnesses.

The current egg recall doesn’t come close to this summer’s 300+ million recall. It does, however, indicate that the FDA’s new rules that came after this summer’s outbreak haven’t succeeded in squelching the contamination, which probably occurs inside infected hens rather than after the eggs are laid.

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