Can The Gap Compete With High-End Denim?


The Gap made a serious push this week to launch its new line of premium jeans. They’re touting the new 1969 Premium Jeans as America’s best fitting. The marketing included Facebook Gallery, the StyleMixer iPhone App, Pop-up Shops  and the company has planned a simultaneous acoustic concert at more than 700 Gap Stores across the country on August 20th. But can the new jeans take market share from designer jeans labels like True Religion and 7 For All Mankind?

They start at $59.99.

“Denim is such a foundational part of any wardrobe, but traditionally premium jeans have not been accessible to everyone. We created this new collection to fill the gap – delivering superior fit, finishes and detail at a truly affordable price point.”

The 1969 Premium Jeans, named in honor of Gap’s debut year, were completely reworked and redesigned at every level -from design and fit, to fabric, fasteners and production. The new collection was created with a major focus on fit, premium washes and styles that accommodate different body types.

Why the Marketing is Genius

It’s not just about the cool finishes and the improved fit. The Gap’s campaign is all about doing what you were born to do. That’s the focus of all the interactive media and in-store campaigns.

Universal Basic Income For Dummies

The new marketing is brilliant for two reasons. First, now all us regular, hard-working people can get ‘designer’ jeans for$60. If you were going to pay $40 for those regular-looking jeans, you may as well shell out the extra $20 for America’s best fit, right? Second, the focus on doing what you were born to do is an anti-materialism message. You weren’t born to wear $200 jeans. You were born to save the rain forest. So buy the $60 jeans and spend the rest on tree frogs or whatever. The Gap is here to help.

I’m a $60 jean girl myself. And I have bought my share of 1969 jeans in the past. I’ll let you know if the new model fits any better than last year’s.

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