Cantor Fitzgerald – Rebuilding After 9/11


Businessweek has an interesting look at the effort to rebuild Cantor Fitzgerald, the firm that lost nearly all of it's employees on 9/11.

"We always thought we'd fall apart at some point," Howard Lutnick is saying two weeks before the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks that decimated Cantor Fitzgerald and took his brother's life. "I'd tell people it was like I was surfing in front of a very large wave and as long as I kept going forward as fast as I possibly could, the wave would never get me. But if I ever stopped, and took a moment to look back…." He turns to look at an imaginary wave. "Whoosh, the wave would crash over me, and I'd get crushed. But if I kept moving forward, the wave would get smaller and smaller, and that's what happened."

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