Career Outlook 2011: Should You Switch Majors Now?

There are many students today who are considering a change in their major. For some, they may have started out with a finance major, for example, before the economic problems that the country has recently been dealing with. Because of all of the financial problems that the United States is dealing with now, many of these students have decided to go a different route.

In 2011, there is going to be a change in the trends of what majors students are choosing. Taking a look at some of the career paths that a person can take, and how these career paths are faring, will help us understand some of the schooling trends as well.



A business major is currently said to be one of the fastest growing, and one of the higher paying, majors that a student can get. There are more and more companies that are hiring business majors instead of people with a major that may seem more appropriate to the job. This is because of the training that a person with a business major gets.


Computer Science

The technology and computer science fields are booming. There are tons of jobs available in these fields, so more people are choosing these majors. Those who choose a computer science major will find that there are ample opportunities for great jobs once they get in the field.



Though there is always a demand for those with a nursing degree, many this year are projected to choose not to finish their nursing degree. In fact, nursing majors are said to be taking a dip this year.

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This is another area that, though it is generally seen as a high paying career, is dropping off a little. Not nearly as many people are choosing to get a major in law. Many feel that because of the economic crisis, there is not as much demand for lawyers, and so the career is stagnating.


Graphic Design

Many people today are choosing a graphic design degree. This is a degree that can be quick to get and can open many different opportunities, from designing business cards to full websites. This is an option that many people who are looking for a change in career choose.


Today, many people are making a change in their schooling, and in some cases are completely changing course on their career ideas. A prevalent trend this year is quick degrees. Through online schools and traditional schools, there are many major options that can be finished quicker than in previous times. Because of this option, many more people are able to get into the work force quicker.



You may find that the major you originally chose is not something that you enjoy, or doesn’t have as good career options as you first thought. Changing your major is something that many people do, and is a great idea for some. There are so many majors that you can choose from and you should never feel like you are tied down to one.

Let us know – is your major on this list?