Cargo is Almost Here

Some of you may remember that I mentioned Cargo, the shopping magazine for men, twice before. I said I didn't think the magazine would last, but now I am not sure. See, I received an offer for Cargo, to get an introductory issue free and then 9 more issues for $9.97. I assume I received it because they bought a mailing list for some other magazine I get. The tag line is actually nice "Finally, someone has taken the 'shopping' out of buying." Cargo is billed as the "…magazine that is all about finding the right products for you without the hassle or second-guessing." While I don't see a need for a magazine that compares cell phones or PDAs or whatever (there are plenty of websites to do that), if it is coupled with information on what is trendy and stuff like that it may be worth my $10. I'll send off for the trail issue and let you know how it goes. For now though, I think I may have to reverse my prediction of Cargo's demise. The magazine is actually trying to fill a need. The target market (I think) is men who want to be trendy without spending a lot of time on it. I think that can sell. We'll see.

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