Carnival will start operating cruises to Cuba in May

Cuba Carnival Cruises

Carnival will star dropping anchor near Havana in May. The cruise giant has reached a deal with Cuban authorities that will allow it to operate its ships in the area.

Carnival will sail its 704-passenger MV Adonia on trips from Miami to the island nation, marking the first time in 50 years that cruise passengers will travel from the United States to Cuba.

The cruise itinerary includes three ports of call: Havanna, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

A seven-day cruise will cost $1,800 per person, plus the cost of Cuban visas and other fees.

As President Obama continues to normalize relations with Cuba, American companies are clamoring for the chance to operate in the country.

Business Pundit reported in March that six major US airlines have submitted applications to operate flights to and from Cuba. 

On Saturday Starwood Hotels announced that it would become the first American company to run hotels in Havana in 60 years.


Written by Katie Henderson

Katie Henderson

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