Our Cellular World

I remember back in the day not fully grasping why all the big companies were talking about the mobile future. Now I get it. A day doesn’t go by where the majority of people I walk by in the street or see at a restaurant are glued to their cellular device (mostly smartphones these days like Android and iPhone).

The fact is, there are over 6 billion cell phones in the world today. Almost 1 for every single human being. That creates huge business opportunity. Here’s an infographic from TopComputerScienceDegrees.com that puts it into perspective:

Our Cellular World
Source: TopComputerScienceDegrees.com (via RealClearTechnology)

Here are some interesting facts about our Cellular World:

– The number of cell phones on Earth is about 1 million times more than the number of stars that can be seen on a dark night.
– In the United States there are currently more cell phones than people: 314 million people, 331 million cell phones!
– About 2.29 trillion cell phone minutes were used in the U.S. in 2011.

And my favorite fact of all: The average phone includes about 3% gold; that’s more than 26,000 tons of gold. The value of that gold is about $1.1 trillion in U.S. markets. That’s roughly the GDPs of Switzerland, Greece and Egypt combined.

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