Use Your Head, Get Ahead: Using Mind Mapping in Business

Many people think that mind mapping is a process best used by creative individuals. But there are many ways that mind mapping can help in a business setting as well. It’s important to remember that a business is nothing more than a collection of individuals working together for a common goal. Consider the following ways that mind mapping can help in a business setting.


Find Areas You Can Improve

Mind maps are graphical representations of thoughts. You may not know that you can improve an idea, a product, a service, or a product until you see a road map for that area. If you have a section on the map that seems sparse, it’s time to brainstorm new ideas.


Give Thoughts Structure

Business professionals can use mind mapping to keep track of ideas that pop up in random places. That conversation at the water cooler may translate into your next great marketing strategy when you add it to what already exists on your mind map.


Design a Flow Chart for Change

Any time your business implements a change, you can expect problems to arise. Mind mapping can help your business design a flow chart so that the change is implemented more smoothly. You can track what things need to happen in order to notify all staff of the changes, and you can brainstorm potential problems and solutions before you attempt to implement the change.

There are many cloud computing based mind mapping programs (accessible from anywhere), as well as smart phone apps.


Understand Complexity

A business rarely has a simple structure. You may have several departments working together or a series of processes needed to create one product. With mind mapping you can track how one concept relates to another. You can also see how many sub-elements each main concept has.


Track Information

When you use a mind-mapping program, like FreeMind, you have a method you can use to track information. Summarize reports, add a hyperlink to a specific article, incorporate a graphic, or track other important information all in one location. Additionally, you can see how the information fits into your business model.


See Your Business Pipeline

Do you know what it takes to move an idea into a finished product? What does each department need in order to complete a task? Mind mapping allows you to create a graphical image of your business pipeline. You can track what Sally needs to do in order for John to do his job so that Peter can finish his task.


Enhance Recall

The mind works by connecting ideas to one another. Children learn how to read by being able to associate letters with sounds. When you use a mind map, you are making connections similar to the ones that your brain will make. This process can help expand your mental cognition about your business. You may be able to know the workers in an office by thinking about your mind map and its breakdown of departments.


Mind mapping isn’t just a tool for the creative individuals of the world. Businesses can take the same process and use it to understand the complexity of the company’s model better. With mind mapping, a company can gain the necessary tools to surpass the competition.




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