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  • 2017 Hurricane Irma

    Top 10 Most Expensive Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters are extremely unpredictable, and they’re happening with increasing frequency. Many factors come together to drive up the cost of a natural disaster. Because of property damage, environmental damage, casualties, and a variety of other hidden expenses, the price tags on these occurrences tend to grow quickly. Below, you can read about the ten […]

  • automation

    55 Sad Facts About Our Economy

    While the stock market is at all time highs under the early Trump presidency, trouble brews below the surface. With massive income inequality, record student loan debt and a disastrous health care situation dragged through the mud of politics, our economy is leaving many behind. We’ve collected what we see as 55 sad facts about […]

  • Crisis In Venezuela

    Imagine trying to do business in a place where if your costs go up you can’t charge more for your product to compensate. That’s exactly what is happening right now in Venezuela, and it has caused chaos and insecurity. There’s a black market for things like toilet paper and diapers, and most residents are struggling […]

  • Charitable Giving

    Americans donated a record $373.3 billion to charities in 2015

    Americans donated an incredible $373 billion to charities in 2015. That money was collected from individuals, estates, foundations, and companies, according to the annual report Giving USA. A new record of $359 billion was set in 2014. Individual donors were far and away the biggest supporters of various charities. They donated $264.6 billion for a 4% […]

  • US Taxes by class

    The top 1% have watched their salaries increase by 188%

    The Top 1% in recent decades have watched their salaries increase by 188% while the middle class and lower-income Americans experienced wage growth of just 18%, according to new government data from the Congressional Budget Office. The outsized earnings by the top 1% helped to increase the inequality gap between Americans. The Congressional Budget Office […]

  • Summer Gas Prices

    Summer gas is the cheapest it has been in 12 years

    Summer gas prices are expected to remain at their lowest seasonal price in 12 years, according to a government forecast released Tuesday. Gas is expected to average $2.27 a gallon nationwide during the April through September summer driving season, based on numbers from the Energy Information Administration. Compared to last summer that’s a decline of […]

  • The Gig Economy Is Shaking Things Up

    Even if you aren’t familiar with the term “gig economy” chances are you’ve participated in it. If you’ve ever used Uber, AirBNB, or Etsy you are doing business directly with the person who owns the car, apartment, or goods you are in need of. Technology has created a space for regular folks to conduct business […]