5 Best Aftermarket Car Products

Not everyone is happy with their car straight off the lot. While the color may be perfect and the features just what you want, something is missing. That’s where aftermarket car products come in, allowing every car owner to customize their vehicle just the way they like it.

Today, you have more options than ever when it comes to aftermarket parts and products, thanks to ever growing technology. The Internet also makes it very easy to find items that you might never find otherwise and allows drivers to turn their rides into one-of-a-kind vehicles. With so many choices, which products are best? Here are some of the top choices for this year.

(Photo Source: Qole Tech w/CC license)

1. GPS

A GPS navigation system may be included with your vehicle, but some prefer a more robust system or something portable. There are dozens of choices on the market, but the TomTom Go Live system is a particularly popular option and is ideal for anyone who is avoiding getting a smartphone. The GPS provides a variety of information, including weather updates, estimated arrival times, and updated fuel prices. It will even let you know if there are any hotels in the area, should you be inclined to pull over for the night.

2. Floor Mats

With 61% of drivers buying after marketparts to make the interior of the vehicle more comfortable, it’s not surprising that floor mats lead the pack for aftermarket parts. The mats that come with vehicles are often flimsy and simplistic, so when customizing a car, this is a quick and easy way to go. It’s also fairly affordable.

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3. Leather Seats

Custom seats can turn an ordinary base model into something special, particularly if you opt for the leather recovers. Katzkin offers a new interior in just one day, with leather seat covers and custom interior finishes.

4. MirrorLink

This technology helps drivers integrate their smartphones and their cars, something the tech-minded will love. What can you do with MirrorLink? At the moment, it’s not incredibly impressive, but it does make life easier for those wanting to check Facebook or Twitter while stuck in traffic, or for those simply seeking to utilize Internet radio on the go. They still recommended you follow the usual driving safety tips when you use their product.

(Photo Source: eirikref w/CC license)

5. Performance Headlights

About ⅓ of consumers buy aftermarket parts to enhance the exterior of their vehicle, and performance headlights are among the top selling products. You will also find fog lights high on the list. Aftermarket projection lights provide a more focused beam and are generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you need a little illumination or some help finding your way to a new location, chances are there’s an aftermarket product available to fit your needs. Customizing vehicles is nothing new, but there are so many more options available that it’s possible to turn a simple base-price car into something truly unique without spending too much money.

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