McDonald’s Is Making Two Major Changes To Its Burgers

McDonald's Changes How Burgers and Buns are cooked

McDonald’s is attempting to overhaul its business and the big plan is juicier burgers with crispy, hotter buns.

The company revealed on Wednesday that it is changing how it cooks beef patties. The company hopes to create a juicer product while toasting buns for an extra five seconds to create a product that is crispier and features temperatures that are 15 degrees warmer.


McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook announced the changes at a conference in New York on Wednesday.

“These little things add up to big differences for our customers,” Easterbrook said, according to Bloomberg. “We’re recommitting to tastier food across the menu.”

Executives at McDonald’s have been scrambling to make menu changes after six straight quarters of same-store sales declines in the US. The company has attempted to create healthier alternatives for customers.


The company is attempting to turn around its business while fighting against higher wages for employees and a shrinking positive perception among franchise owners.


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